Accordion Doors

Accordion doors

are the fastest, easiest way to divide space. You simply pull the

accordion door

across the opening and latch in position.

Accordion doors

are a great choice when you need to divide your space frequently.


accordion doors

have an advantage over other

partition doors

since they are waterproof, termite proof, fire retardant, economical, no warping, maintenance free, easy to install & available in various shades without any hassle of painting or polishing.

accordion doors

also occupies the least space when opened and do not extend outside of the door frame on either side. That’s why

accordion doors

are the favorite choice and most popular way for cost effective solutions to

room partitions in Mumbai


A lot of builders leave the doorway connecting the kitchen and hall open without a door. When the hall is air conditioned, it makes sense to prevent loss of cold air in to the kitchen by installing a

PVC accordion doors

. The common size in these cases is of 7 feet high x 3 feet wide.
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